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Hamilton Khaki King – Black Dial Men’s Watch H64455533 Review

October 13th, 2011 Comments off
Hamilton Khaki King

Hamilton Khaki King - Hamilton Men's H64455533 Khaki King Black Dial Watch

The Hamilton Khaki King Black Dial Men’s watch is another model of the famed Khaki line brought by the well-established and trusted watchmaking company, Hamilton Watches. As with all other models of the Khaki line, this watch highlights uniqueness and variety on how you go about making sure you are on time and is on step with current events. Most watches you’d encounter online through business sites will allow you to have a glimpse of a product through a photo but most of the time; the real image varies so much. With the Hamilton Khaki King you are going to fall deeply connected at the first glance of the watch as it presents its vivid edges and classic style that typifies what men want.

Hamilton Khaki King along other Hamilton classics mixes its traditional, modern and military derived styling into many models spanning a large line up of automatic watches. In Hamilton’s entire current lineup, there are few watches that embody Hamilton’s history like the Khaki line of military styled watches, loosely based on military watches from WWII.

History-wise, Hamilton may not be a company you know but to tell you honestly, Hamilton is everywhere. You may hear the name through numerous ads and being a watch that is seasoned on the wrists of famous actors in numerous films, you would not miss it. However, one thing very interesting about the Hamilton Company is how it aided creating the 20th century America. Although it is now technically under the Swatch group, it is undoubtedly considered an American watch.

Hamilton Khaki King – Specs:

The Hamilton Khaki King Black Dial Men’s Watch H64455533 prides itself with specs that are truly worthwhile.

Watch Style:                Casual

Movement:                  Automatic, Self Winding

Engine:                        Precise 25-jewel Swiss Automatic movement. (ETA 2834-2)

Functions:                    Hours/ Minutes/ Seconds/ Date/ Day

Case Material:             Stainless Steel

Case Diameter:           40 mm

Case Thickness:           11 mm

Case Back:                   Screw Down Skeletal

Crown:                         Screw Down

Dial Color:                    Black

Dial Type:                     Analog

Dial Markers:               Arabic

Hands:                         Luminous

Luminescent:               Hands and Markers

Bracelet:                     Calfskin, Brown with White Stitching

Band Length:               Men’s Standard

Clasp:                          Buckle

Bezel Material:            Polished Stainless Steel

Calendar:                    Date and Day at 12 o’clock

Water Resistant:         165 Feet

Crystal Scratch:           Resistant Sapphire Crystal

Made In:                      Switzerland


Hamilton Khaki King – Movement:

Powered by a 25-Jewel Swiss automatic self-winding ETA 2834-2, the Hamilton Khaki King features topnotch accuracy that can be compared to the same watches of the same level but with steeper prices. The Swiss ETA movements support the very accurate +6 to +8 ticks per second. Accuracy is generally better on movements with higher BPH and this watch has a BPH of 28800 higher than most watches in the market.

The ETA uses Incabloc shock resistance, a method developed in the 1930’s to allow the end jewels on the balance staff to move or ‘float’ so the balance is not damaged when the watch is dropped or bumped. Thus this Hamilton Khaki King has a track record of accuracy, dependability, and longevity. It is employed by several low, medium and high end makes. It is Swiss made and has been in service since 1982. With 25 verses 21 jewels, higher beats per minute, Omni-directional winding mechanism, and hacking feature, the 2824-2 comes out ahead any other.

Hamilton Khaki King – Water Resistance:

The Hamilton Khaki King has a 50 meter or 165 feet water-resistance capability which can support water splashes and light dives. It can be used for casual swimming thus making it amenable to any kind of condition. Although, its water-resistance feature is not that high compared to other models of the same line, it is more than enough to handle any of such occurrence taking into account it sleek design and lightweight characteristics.

Hamilton Khaki King – Style and Design:

With regards to aesthetics, the Hamilton Khaki King would never disappoint. The elegance of a men’s watch can definitely exude a powerful personal fashion statement for those wearing it and most do not mind spending a considerable amount as long as it is stylish yet functional at the same time. With a hefty cost, luxury watches may not be for everyone but there are great, inexpensive and fashionable watches available in the market that does not compromise quality and value. The Hamilton Khaki King is one of these.

Interestingly, its smaller look allows for a little deviance from the common rugged and bulky look of other Khaki watches which depicts its uniqueness and distinctive quality. The Hamilton Khaki King also has a brown leather band which takes in a sense of style and fluidity to any wearer making it very pleasing to the eyes of many.

One thing that needs to be spelled out here is the location of the date and day at 12 o ‘clock. It is the most distinct feature of this model and what distinctively sets it apart from others. This is probably the main attraction of the Hamilton Khaki King.

Pros and Cons of This Hamilton Khaki King:

Pros: An advantage of the Hamilton Khaki King that anyone would not fail to notice is its cost to value ratio. It would be hard to find a similar luxury watch with the price and functionality that this watch can offer. It is dependable in many situations and you can expect it to last long. As a product of Hamilton watches, it can deducted that this watch has unmatched accuracy when it comes to time. Powered by a long history and under an established modern manufacturer, you can’t expect any less from the Hamilton Khaki King. Furthermore, I have always thought that Hamilton watches represented watches that belonged in a different time. Their design and styling isn’t classy or sophisticated, it is just a style that is unique to Hamilton, and I’ve never known a style like it, and what’s more is that they are affordable and can be bought by anyone.

Cons: As with all things, flaws are inevitable. A common comment towards the Hamilton Khaki King is its delicateness to scratches owing to its polished bezel. If you are a person who is on the move all the time and is on the habit of beating yourself with activities then you might find it difficult to maintain the polished finish of this watch. This can however be prevented by taking care of the watch all the time, and making sure unnecessary bumps are avoided. Luxury watches such as the Hamilton Khaki King is a prized possession that you earned so it’s basically important to take utmost care and precaution with regards to its use.

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Hamilton Khaki Navy – GMT Steel Black Men’s Watch H77615133 Review

October 12th, 2011 Comments off
The Hamilton Khaki Navy - GMT Steel Black Mens Watch H77615133

The Hamilton Khaki Navy - H77615133

The Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT Steel Black Men’s Watch H77615133 is among the exquisite models of the Navy GMT line which features a unique approach on how you view time. The GMT line possesses the ability to show time on major cities around the world without compromising your local time. It has the military influence that makes it look rugged however very fashionable and aesthetically pleasing. It is a great watch to wear to any occasion owing to its unique look and all-around performance.

In my mind, this version of the Hamilton Khaki Navy is a versatile contender for heavy rotation. Obviously the watch is good sized, simple and rugged while having plenty of style condensed within a fairly busy dial with internal bezel. With three screw-down crowns, which operate absolutely smoothly and soundly, the internal rotating, and locking timing bezel, and water resistance of 200 meters, this is a perfectly adequate professional diver. It may not be the ultimate diver, but it is a very competent one indeed.

It is manufactured by an established and trusted Hamilton Company and surely boasts great value. The overall satisfaction you’ll get from this watch will surely be immeasurable.

Hamilton Khaki Navy – Specs:

The Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT Steel Black Men’s Watch H77615133 boasts specs that can compete with any all-around watch out there.

Watch Style:                Casual

Movement:                  Automatic

Engine:                        Cal. 2893.1

Functions:                    Hours/ Minutes/ Seconds/ Date/ GMT 2nd Time Zone

Case Material:             Stainless Steel

Case Diameter:           42 mm

Case Thickness:          12 mm

Case Back:                  Screw Down Skeletal

Crown:                        Screw Down

Dial Color:                   Black

Dial Type:                    Analog

Dial Markers:               Arabic

Hands:                         Luminous

Luminescent:               Hands and Markers

Bracelet:                      Stainless Steel

Band Length:               8.5 inches

Clasp:                          Push Button Deployment

Bezel Material:            Stainless Steel

Calendar:                    Date displays at the 3 o’clock position

Water Resistant:         200 meters / 660 feet

Crystal Scratch:           Resistant Sapphire Crystal

Made In:                      Switzerland


Hamilton Khaki Navy – Movement:

This Hamilton Khaki Navy is powered by a Swiss automatic self-winding caliber ETA 2893.1 which differs among others on how it can strongly support both local times and GMT functions. Couple this movement with an additional rotating and locking bezel with international city names and you have a watch capable of displaying three time zones.

Time zone two on this Hamilton Khaki Navy is displayed with a separate dial that displays inside the 9:00 position. The dial is an understated work of beauty when examined closely. The dial is rich blue with a dazzle of sunray. Each hour is numbered in both 12 and 24-hour time with a luminous marker at each position. A minute track is also supported. The date is with white background and displayed at the 3:00 position while time zone two, denoted with a simple “T2” and a white arrow pointing to the 24-hour time, is displayed within a gently arcing cut in the dial under which a white dial with black numerals spins off the 2893.

The Hamilton Khaki Navy GMT is of course completely independently adjustable. On the periphery of the dial sits the internal rotating bezel smartly finished with timing markers and a cut out which displays the international city ring for time zone three.

Hamilton Khaki Navy – Water Resistance:

The Hamilton Khaki Navy can be used by professional divers and even those that are not. Its water-resistant attribute can support water splashes and up to 200 feet of deep water. Its use can range from casual swimming to professional diving which clearly makes it versatile and adaptable to any circumstance.

Hamilton Khaki Navy – Style and Design:

Another essential function of the Hamilton Khaki Navy has to be style in that regard. It boasts a combination of casual, sporty and formal look that will surely make you an all-around wearer.  In my opinion, the styling on the watch is an unforced blending of elegance, sportiness and utility unmatched by many. This Hamilton Khaki Navy will be of use on a number of occasions and you would not need to bother changing your watch every now and then. You wouldn’t want to exchange the experience of wearing this seemingly simple but purely sophisticated watch.

Hamilton Khaki Navy – Pros and Cons of This Hamilton Khaki Navy:

Pros: I guess a great advantage of this Hamilton Khaki Navy is its great comfort and durability, not to mention its superior dependability. In reference to its accuracy and durability, I have to reiterate how each of the crowns is so perfectly executed that its function is incredibly smooth. All crowns are protected by guards and the crowns themselves are polished and signed. This is a subtle but tasty treat. With the integrated rubber strap, which snugs right up to the case, you have a timepiece that is exceptionally comfortable. Its price tag is not that heavy compared to watches of similar attributes. You get to have a Hamilton Khaki Navy luxury watch with the most value for your money.

Cons: A common criticism directed to the Hamilton Khaki Navy is the operation of the crown. You might need to make a few tries to get screwing it right. Another is the slug size which is where the strap is attached. It is non-conventional and if you are someone who would want to change your strap once in a while then standard sizes of straps won’t fit in. However, this brings about its uniqueness and individuality. Additionally, the watch is not very light and can be dragging at times, however this can add a sense of muscle and durability not only to this Hamilton Khaki Navy timepiece but to your overall perception as well.


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